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Claim your DAO Token(s)

This token grants you the privilege of joining the Illuminati DAO, unlocking voting access to the DAO's Treasury. This is a power coveted by many, but only a select few shall hold.

Connect your wallet to begin the claim:

Buying an Illuminati NFT?

Enter an IlluminatiNFT ID number to find out if its matching DAO token has already been claimed.

Claims FAQ

If I put my pyramids in different wallets, can I claim multiple DAO tokens?

You can claim one DAO token per pyramid - doesn’t matter what wallet they are in.

What happens if I sell my pyramids but keep my DAO token?

You can vote on proposals brought forth, but you may miss out on rewards.

If I just a bought a pyramid after DAO claim, can I still claim a token?

Connect your wallet to the claim site where you can check to see if the token has already been claimed. There is no deadline to claim a token, but it’s possible to buy an IlluminatiNFT that has already had its DAO token claimed.

What happens if I buy a DAO token on secondary?

You can agree to the terms of the DAO and vote in the DAO.

What happens if I buy several DAO tokens and have multiple?

You get more voting power with proposals brought forth to a vote.

Do I need to claim the token with the wallet my pyramids are in?



Can anyone create a proposal for the DAO?

Yes, as long as you’re a DAO token holder. Just go to the channel in the discord to fill out the proposal and we will get in touch with you if it is a go, a no (and why), or needs a little tweaking.

What is the process of bringing forth a proposal to the DAO community?

Process is described in the bylaws.

Is there a limit to how many proposals I can create?

There is no limit.

What kinds of proposals are not allowed?

Anything illegal or anything that threatens the entity status (UNA seeking 501c3 foundation status)